BeInclusive make your website accessible and ready to communicate with everyone.

In many countries the regulations provide for all the websites and mobile apps to be in compliance with the accessibility directives.
The website accessibility reduces the risk of  legal contentious and  increases the number of clients.

It’s time to communicate with everyone and to BE INCLUSIVE! 

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Who we are

BeInclusive is the first Italian agency entirely dedicated to the web and mobile accessibility for Brands and Companies.
The agency was founded by a team of professionals who have been working for over 20 years on digital communication and e-commerce international projects in several fields such as Luxury, Fashion, Retail, Insurance, GDO.

The different specializations in UX, design, web development and mobile applications, interpretation of the regulations and management of legal risks, allow us to support all the needs related to digital accessibility and to offer the best services to the companies which decide to make their website accessible and to reduce the risk of legal issues.

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Increase the level of accessibility of your website and reduce the risks of litigation by choosing the services of Beinclusive.

We help you to guarantee the compliance of your contents to the web accessibility standards established by the different legislations: Europe (EN 301 549), America (ADA and Section 508), Canada (AODA) following the international guidelines WCAG 2.1

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Evaluation of accessibility

We verify the accessibility of your website or mobile application and we propose a clear reconditioning strategy.

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Periodic monitoring

After the publishing of new contents we check your website in order to keep it constantly compliant over time. 

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We organise sessions of web accessibility training for people who work on your projects.  

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Accessibility check for videos

We add to your videos subtitles and audio descriptions. We verify potential problems related to photosensitive epilepsy. 

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Check and review of PDF documents

We check the accessibility of your PDF documents and we make them compliant to WCAG 2.0

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Legal advice

Our legal international partners specialized in accessibility will help you to manage potential risks of litigation. 

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Accessibility regulations

In different countries the regulations impose that all the websites and mobile applications must guarantee their compliance of web accessibility provided for the WCAG and ARIA standards.

Verify the accessibility of your website

Do you want to find out if your website is accessible to people with disabilities?

Take the first step without any commitment, request now a free report of your homepage.

In a few hours we will send you a synthetic recap containing the main problems spotted and the risking areas.

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Do you need more information?

Contact us now for any clarification on digital accessibility.

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