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Digital Accessibility

In general, we speak of accessibility when people with special needs can reach a place, easily enter it and enjoy its spaces, equipment or services in conditions of adequate safety and autonomy.

The same should happen when a digital service is offered, in this case we talk about digital accessibility, or the practice of making any digital information accessible to anyone: websites, applications for mobile devices, software and operating systems.

What are the benefits of web accessibility?

Often we remediate by making our website accessible only after being subject to legal action, because in many countries it is mandatory by law. Adapting a site is not only the right thing to do from an ethical point of view, but it can help to grow your business by reaching categories of users and customers who otherwise could not have used your online services or purchased your products. In addition, the techniques used to describe information architecture and images contribute positively to increasing visibility on Google and other search engines, which can be considered in all respects “blind” systems.

So the accessibility is good for everyone, which allows you to reach a greater number of people and to obtain benefits both in terms of economics and visibility.


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